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Licensed Owner, Technician

We are a residential Heating and Air Conditioning company with expertise in:

  • Repair

  • Maintenance

  • Installation


There’s never a good time for your AC to act up. Fortunately, when it comes time for AC repair, there is a good, surefire answer for residents of Fort Mill and York County. That answer, as many already know, is Quality Controls. Here at Quality Controls, we have a healthy appreciation for exactly what’s at stake and we respond accordingly, as only a proven AC repair company can. 


Quality by name and quality by nature, Quality Controls Heating and Air knows the stakes.

For the last 30 years, we’ve worked in Residential Building, Maintenance, Repair, and Installation Services and have seen a great need for companies that cater to clients who need quality work at an affordable price. All too often, I’ve found it’s one without the other (quality though overpriced work, or else cheaply priced work but with all quality gone).

Not so at Quality Controls. We believe in affordable quality, and we have the experience, equipment, and expertise to support that belief. 

There you have it—the long and short of how we came to be called Quality Controls. We care, in short, about treating our customers right!

Few innovations have had a greater cumulative effect than climate control.

Just think: the ability to exercise agency over the sweltering heat of summer, or the bitter harshness of winter has effectively allowed people to live in areas of the world that were previously thought to be uninhabitable.

HVAC services are a triumph of global proportions when you think about it!

But because so much hinges on this technology, and because the pendulum swings both ways, life can be made miserable fairly quickly when something goes awry.

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